Magmas Under Pressure

Published on 6 April 2018

<p><i>Magmas under Pressure: Advances in High-Pressure Experiments on Structure and Properties of Melts</i> summarizes recent advances in experimental technologies for studying magmas at high pressures. In the past decade, new developments in high-pressure experiments, particularly with synchrotron X-ray techniques, have advanced the study of magmas under pressure. These new experiments have revealed significant changes of structure and physical properties of magmas under pressure, which significantly improves our understanding of the behavior of magmas in the earth’s interior.</p> <p>This book is an important reference, not only in the earth and planetary sciences, but also in other scientific fields, such as physics, chemistry, material sciences, engineering and in industrial applications, such as glass formation and metallurgical processing. </p><ul><li>Includes research and examples of high-pressure technologies for studying the structure and properties of magma</li><li>Summarizes the current knowledge on the structure and properties of high-pressure magma</li><li>Highlights the importance of magma in understanding the evolution of the earth’s interior</li></ul>

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